(18mos to 3yrs)

Tiny Toes! is dedicated to exploratory and enjoyable Creative Movement classes - learning through play and having fun along the way! Parental involvement is welcome and encouraged. Discover the joy of dance in a child-centered environment. Class starts in September and end at Thanksgiving, then start again January and end at Easter. (Leotard required but not shoes)


(Ages 3 & 4)

A class to help the young students become aware of their body and begin to make it move like they want. We work on very basic steps and ballet terms. Each class is 30 minutes long and Ballet shoes are required.

Ballet I    (Ages 5 thru 2nd grade)
Ballet II   (3rd thru 5th grade)
Ballet III  (6th thru 8th grade)
Ballet IV  (9th thru 12th grade)
A combination of building strength and balance through exercise to develope grace, beauty and poise. It takes many years of effort, repetition, and persistence to develope a dancer. Each class is 60 minutes long and Ballet shoes are required.

(Teacher Placed)

"Toe Dancing" as it is most often called, is classical ballet. It is the most difficult dance, technically for the female ballet dancer. We work on proper technique as well as terminology. Each class is 60 minutes long and Pointe shoes are required.

Jazz II   (3rd thru 5th grade)
Jazz III (6th thru 8th grade)
Jazz IV (9th thru 12th grade)
Incorporates many different dance moves from the past and present into free moving dances. We use popular music from the past and present while still stressing strong body movements. Each class is 60 minutes long and Jazz shoes are required.

Tap I     (Ages 5 thru 2nd grade)
Tap II   (3rd thru 5th grade)
Tap III (6th thru 8th grade)
Tap IV (9th thru 12th grade)
We work with rhythms, patterns, basic sounds, and movements in order to put combinations and dances together. Each class is 30 minutes long and requires Tap shoes.

Modern Dance

Involves learning as much as possible about the body's capabilities for expressive movement. Classes help students discover movement, master it technically, and apply it creatively for expressive purposes.

Basic Modern Dance
Modern I (Ages 5 thru 2nd grade)
Modern II-III (3rd thru 6th grade)
We work on the technique of movement, creative assignments and basic locomotor steps.  Modern I starts with a half hour class and NO shoes are required. Modern II-III are placed in a 60 minute class and NO shoes are required.

Modern Tech-Chor
(5th thru 6th grade)

This class explores the same areas as the modern classes, but in more depth. After two years of Modern II-III we encourage dancers to move into Tech-Chor. Tech-Chor is a preparation for the higher technique and higher choreography classes.It is a building block as it touches on both types of class. It allows for some creativity with choreography and for continued work with the dancers technique. Each class is 60 minutes long and requires NO shoes.

Modern Technique
Middle School Technique (6th thru 8th grade)
High School Technique (9th thru 12th grade)
Solely age based after Tech-Chor. Focus mainly on technique of motor skills and movement. Each class is 60 minutes long and requires NO shoes.

Modern Choreography
Chor II   (6th thru 8th grade)
Chor III (9th thru 12th grade)
After Tech-Chor, dancers may move into choreography. Choreography of their dance is solely made up by the students in the class with teacher approval. Their lessons focus on special awareness, levels, rythm, and quality of movement to learn what makes a complete and good dance. 

***Please note: Choreography CANNOT be taken back to back unless also participating in a Ballet or Technique class along with this class.

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