Our Business is Young People


White Tiger Martial Arts is owned and operated by Mr. Michael White. People remember him as the former head instructor for Grand Master In Shik Kim of Kim's Martial Arts in Sioux City in the early 90s. With Master Kim now absent from Siouxland, Mr. White has carried on his legacy dating back to the mid 1960s, to offer the finest quality of traditional martial arts instruction while embracing modern innovations to make better students.

The White Tiger is the fastest growing and largest Martial Arts School in north east Iowa with 6 locations in Sioux City, North Sioux, Ida Grove, Holstein, and Lemars. We are very proud of our Internationally certified WTU instructors who have been trained in a rigorous program. In the past ten years the Tiger has spurred multiple national medalists in both the USAT and the AAU including Baily Weavill, Rick Smith, Ryan Tedrow, Corey Monroe, and Kelly Doty.

The White Tiger's Award Winning program offers junior students; concentration, self-control, respect, manners, responsibility, obedience, confidence, and a productive attitude. In a recent study Martial Arts was proven to aid in the treatment of Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorders as well.

Adult Students benefit from: improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, strength, confidence, and stress relief.  

Registration for White Tiger Martial Arts must be completed through White Tiger. Please call 712-253-8567 for more information.