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All gymnast will wear leotards in class. No exceptions. Hair must be tied up and away from face.

Pre-Gymnastics or Fire Bugs
(Ages 3 &  4)

Learning the basics! This is a good start to teaching your child hand/feet coordination, balance, waiting in line and yes, even how to share. Fire Bugs work on all four Olympic Events from hanging on the bars, forward rolls on the floor, walks on the beams and jumping on the vault. Each class is 60 minutes long.

Gymnastics Skills Class or Sparks & Thunderbolts
(Ages 5 & Up)

These kids are really beginning to step out and move! Our unique program breaks gymnastics skills down into achievable step which provide sound basics along with frequent success. Students work on all Olympic Events. Each class is 60 minutes long.

Tumbling or Fire Crackers
(Ages 5 & Up)
This class focuses on tumbling skills utilizing the Portable Foam Pit and Spotting Belts. The tumblers work solely on floor skills and work on much more advanced floor skills. Each class is 45 minutes long.

(Teacher placed)

The very dedicated gymnastics team requires two workouts a week. They are members of The United States Association of Gymnastics Xcel program. Competitive gymnastics is the ultimate way to build self-confidence, independence as well as healthy bodies in young women. The gymnastics teams competes in several gymnastics events each year in order to place and go to State.



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